Hi. I am Annie and this is my story.

Hi. I am Annie and this is my story.

Picture: Dog Mountain, Vancouver, BC Canada 

Age: 34

Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia


Being born and raised in Australia with parents from Taiwan meant I was privileged enough to be able to travel between the two countries at least once or twice a year and become familiar with the two cultures.

Coming from an Asian background, taking a year or two off to travel is unheard of when you are expected to get a steady job and start a family. Traveling on airplanes was not intimidating for me but to travel to a new destination with no family or friends can sound scary. I dismiss these travel fears by doing enough research and then tackle these new adventures.

One of my best friends convinced me to apply for a 2 year working holiday visa for Canada in 2016, I got approved, saved up & went in April 2017.
I stayed in Canada for 3 month, met heaps of friendly people and enjoyed some of Canada’s amazing natural mountains and cities.

I took this travel risk and got inspired again in life and the reward has been continuous. I have learnt about a new country and been shown a different kind of love through traveling. 



Travel advice: Go with the flow and still be sensible.

 Zurich, Switzerland. July 4th, 2017 Got to jump off this little bridge into the river and was shown how to do it by a 9 year old girl! Wish I had a waterproof bag so I could have put my stuff in the bag and floated down the river like the locals. It was so much fun and a great experience to have been able to do it.

Hanoi, Vietnam. October 5th, 2018 There was this little alley where a train would go past once a day or nightly at 7pm and it's literally in between people's homes. I jumped on a local scooter (of course with a helmet) and asked the guy to take me to the train track and he knew where to drop me off. I only found this place through fellow travelers talking about it and just went with the flow and grateful for it!

1. The Capilano suspension bridge in Vancouver, Canada. May 9th, 2017. I saw it in a Time magazine article years ago and kept it in my vision and finally got to travel to visit it. Spent the whole day in the park and felt so blessed to be able to see it in person.


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