Hi. I am Chrismarie and this is my story.

Hi. I am Chrismarie and this is my story.

Picture: Roxas City Capiz Philippines

Age: 22

Hometown: Bahit Panitan Capiz Philippines

I started solo travel when I was in college way back in 2014.

I’m a Business administration major in operations management in Hercor College. And here's my story. When I was a kid my goal was to visit beautiful places and experience them not knowing where I should start. Because there is a lot of beautiful places to explore. I’m a dreamer that time, a little kid that wants to become a traveler and a storyteller someday. For me travel show me the meaning of life. We need to explore and expand our thinking to create imagination and to work hard for it to become reality for our dream destination. I travel to see the good thing's in life, meet some travelers and learn and gain some experience from them.

Travel is just like a puzzle you need to fixed in order to see how it is or how beautiful it is. Just like my life I belong to a broken family, I feel the need to fix every little piece thats broken. I want to make myself whole, so I travel and slowly that puzzle comes together.

Sometimes my travels led me to where I am today. Sometimes these steps have felt painful, difficult, but led me to greater happiness and opportunities. Now that I grow up and graduated and have a job at the age of 22 years old I am fulfilling my goals of traveling step by step.



Travel Advice: Travel, explore and enjoy as you can because we don’t know what would happen for tomorrow, at least you won’t regret it for a lifetime.




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