Hi. I am Leslie and this is my story.

Hi. I am Leslie and this is my story.

Age: 46

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Picture: Costa Rica

I had travel plans that changed and I found myself in Brussels by myself for a week. I checked my frequent flier miles to see all of my options and decided on Austria, my grandfather's homeland. I booked the ticket and then had a few hours to find a place to stay when I arrived (which 20 years ago, meant an internet café). There wasn't much available but I found a spa with small rooms and booked myself one with a balcony. I am usually a city girl but figured I could get anywhere by taxi.

I arrived but my luggage took a detour. Luckily, the family that owned the hotel helped with recommendations in the city, a place to check out books in English and invited me to eat dinner with everyone else staying there who had black tie evening wear (my jeans and sandals must have screamed AMERICAN) but I took it in stride, enjoyed an amazing dinner and then finished a glass of wine on my balcony, overlooking Salzburg. I was able to walk through town, enjoy live music, learn about the history and even take a Sound of Music tour. It's a beautiful place in the world and I would have missed out on it if I waited for somebody else to go with me.

I've always believed that I'm happy to travel with other people or happy to travel on my own. I never waited for the right people or timing. I believe that life is fuller when we step through the doors as they open. Since this trip, I've had many adventures...with family/ friends and on my own. I'm better for having gone.


Travel Advice : When in doubt, take the trip. Travel like a local (try local spots, activities and foods). Look for opportunities to learn from other travelers around you. Take pictures but don’t check your emails. Travel with different people. They will each bring out different aspects of adventure for you.

Favorite Travel Quote: “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr



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