Hi. I am Rufina and this is my story.

Hi. I am Rufina and this is my story.

Age: 36

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Since I can remember I wanted to travel. If anyone asked me what I wanted to do in life I would say “ I want to see the world.”  I came from a very poor family with no means to even visit the local Zoo, so books became my gateway to travel. I would transport myself to England With Enid Blyton Or To Canada With Anne of Avonlea. My school library became my magical door to teleport me out into the world. The more I read the more I wanted to see these places.

As they say if you truly wish something the universe conspires to make it come through. At the tender age of 18 I had to get married and shifted from Mumbai to Europe settling in Germany. The girl who had not crossed into another town was suddenly in a entire new continent. My first year of marriage was absolutely crazy and beautiful….I traveled around Germany to my heart’s content. Experienced some of the most amazing things like the OctoberFest in Munich and the Love Parade in Berlin. Getting lost in the Schwarzwald to finding the most amazing Indian restaurant in Stuttgart.

I spent 7 beautiful years in Europe and travelled extensively through Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, Switzerland & Luxembourg.

In 2006 I came back to India . By then I was mother of two beautiful kids. It was not possible to go away on trips now with two kids but still I managed to explore Singapore, UAE & Mauritius with my children tagging along. In India I soon realized I was so busy pursuing the Destinations of my childhood books that I completely forgot to explore one of the world’s most exotic destination that was MY own country, India. Thus began my solo traveling around India…I started traveling around India in 2013.

Today I have explored more than 25 cities and 10 odd states.

For me the most beautiful aspect of traveling is meeting different people, connecting with beautiful kindred souls, and exchanging our travel stories.

My mantra for life is very simple. Learn to see and admire beauty in little things in life, Never let the child in you die forever, humbleness in life is mightier than anything. Learn to love your life and follow your passion...




Travel Advice: You are going to live once...hence do what makes you feel happy without harming anyone.




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