Hi. We are Wunmi and Sophia and this is our story

Hi. We are Wunmi and Sophia and this is our story

Ages: 28 

Hometown: Minneapolis and Milwaukee

We are Wunmi and Sophia, a best friend travel blogging duo from the Midwest. We met in college a few years ago, and quickly bonded over our love for McDonald’s French fries and experiencing the world! 

Growing up as first generation Americans with immigrant parents, we shared similar experiences. We started seeing the world when we could afford it ourselves. So we’ve discovered affordable ways to travel both domestically and internationally!  

One of our favorite places to travel to is Los Angeles. The City of Stars! The first time we visited there together was in 2017, and since then we have made a point to return every year. It’s our winter escape! 

But our first trip to Los Angeles will always hold a special place in our travel memories. We had planned to visit a live taping of the Jimmy Kimmel show in Hollywood. For two Midwest girls who were not used to this flashy lifestyle, this was exciting. 

The problem was that the tickets we reserved were for the waitlist. There was no guarantee we were going to get to see the show! But we took our chances and ended up being the last two people in line that they admitted in the show! 

To say we were thrilled would be an understatement! The show was electric. We got to hear from celebrity guests Vanessa Hudgens, Anthony Anderson, and Ruby Rose. It was an hour and a half of pure magic. The entire show, we sat towards the middle, back but we still felt like we were up close and personal to them. It was awesome. 

Then, just as the show was about to close and Jimmy was to announce the surprise musical performer, we see Jimmy and his camera crew run towards us. It all happened so fast we didn’t even realize what was going on at first. Jimmy, standing shoulder to shoulder with us says “thank you all for a great night, we hope you enjoy this musical guest”. Lights and cameras blinding our faces. And just like that we had our 5 seconds of fame!

And we even have a picture to prove it! You can read our full post where we share more about our experience and how you can get on the show. 

The rest of our LA trip was just as wonderful. We rented bikes and rode along the beach from Santa Monica to Venice. We explored the inside and outside of the LACMA art museum. And indulged in an eclectic menu of food from West Hollywood. 

We closed out our trip at the Women’s March in Downtown LA. This was one of the cities first organized marches for Women’s rights, at the height of the ME TOO movement. We have always been strong advocates and voices for female empowerment, so being in the crowd with a strong group of survivors, ally’s, and supporters was inspiring. 

The Women’s March takes place every year on the third Saturday in January. Since that first march in 2017, we have made it back to LA for every Women’s March, with the exception of 2020 (thanks Covid). 

It’s an event that means so much to us and we are grateful to have been able to be a part of it for so many years. We cannot wait until we can once again return to the City of Stars, visit a live taping of a show, but most importantly, continue our march for the rights that women deserve!

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Best Travel Advice: Our best travel advice is to take lots of photos! Even of the little things. Is great to look back and relive the quiet moments through photography! 


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