Why do we need another travel blog?

Why do we need another travel blog?

This isn’t a blog for tips and tricks for traveling. This isn’t a blog to have your travel questions addressed. This isn’t a blog for me to tell you how you should travel, where you should travel and what you should see. This is for those who have taken the first step outside their comfort zone, and hope to inspire others. For rewards come to those who take the risk.

Travel turns us into storytellers. Telling stories of adventure, places that have changed us, experiences that have challenged us, and stories that make us laugh or cry. 

This is a place to tell the stories that we struggle to tell in fear others just won't understand how deeply embedded they are in our souls. 

This isn't for the picture perfect, fairytale ending, unattainable, intimidating images or stories you see of other travelers. 

This is a place for the perfectly imperfect. The real and authentic. The "I'm so in the moment I don't care what my hair, makeup, outfit looks like" pic, the "this place changed my life" pic and the "I'm so happy to be me" pic. This is to show the good the bad and the sometime ugly parts of traveling. 

Join me on this journey and help me showcase some of the untold reasons of why we travel. 

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