About Me

Hi! I am Ashley and this is my story.

We all take risks in life. Some risks are big and some are small. But each risk will always bring a reward. Some of my risks have taken me to some pretty cool places while other risks have taught me lessons. My brand Risk and Reward is focused on my fellow female travelers. To empower and inspire women to take that first step outside their comfort zone.

But my products are for everyone. Whether you’re traveling or staying close to home these products help prepare you for whatever adventure you seek.

My biggest risk so far has been starting this business. To find the courage to believe in myself and skills. And maybe this will be a blessing or a lesson but one thing I will never do is regret taking the risk. I truly believe Rewards come to those who take the Risk!

When I’m not working on the business I am out adventuring however I can. I love the beach and the mountains, reading, learning, connecting with other adventurous souls and as we move towards a new normal I look forward to more solo traveling. 


Much Love,