Hi! I'm Ashley. Fellow risk taker, adventHERer, traveler, and founder of Risk and Reward.

Risk and Reward was born during my time as a solo traveler. I realized I wanted to provide adventure essentials to my fellow female travelers. To hopefully empower, inspire and prepare you to take that first step outside your comfort zone. No matter how big or small. 

This idea has 3 parts. 

1. I want to use my background in product development to provide high quality travel essentials in the easiest way possible. I found myself ill prepared on many trips so I want to provide a way to help eliminate that for others. 

2. I want to offer a gift for travelers. At times I'd get travel "inspired" gifts that weren't practical or useful. So why not make it easy for someone to get a gift built by a traveler, for a traveler?! 

3. Showcase female travelers. To provide a place to tell the stories of places that have changed us or challenged us. To tell why we travel and what it means to us. Finding adventures both near and far. 

I didn't mean to start my business right before a pandemic that caused us to stop traveling. So even though I built the Beach Please Travel kit for the ocean, it's meant for any adventure your soul desires. 

I hope you'll join me on this journey to continue to take risks. For rewards come to those who take the risk. 

Much Love, 


This was taken 3 days before I took my biggest risk and made a dream come true by moving to Taiwan solo! I am a firm believer that Rewards come to those who take the Risk!